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Wendy Bachiu Art – Wendy Bachiu
695 23rd St. West
Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 4H2

Contact: Wendy Bachiu
Email: mail@wendybachiu.com
Website: http://WendyBachiu.com

Accessibility: Yes
Payment Types: Cash, E-transfer

Instagram: wendybachiuart
Facebook: WendyBachiuArt

Artist Statement

Every day has discovery.
Curiosity, my need to learn, to grow, to discover, to see something in a different way… this is what fuels my creativity.
Fifteen years ago, shifting away from conventional painting methods into more experimental approaches, I was surprised to experience a feeling of freedom, almost relief, when working in abstract. In this style, my paintings rely on a foundation of good design principles, strong drawing ability, a clear understanding of colour theory and usage, along with expertise to translate my vision to a finished piece.
Presently painting with oils in combination with cold wax medium, I concentrate on colour relationships, and organic textures. Applying subtle layers of paint and removing or subtracting other surface areas define the image that I desire. By combining shapes, patterns and lines, using balance, connection, transformation, movement and hidden elements, my paintings evolve from idea to finish. The resulting paintings have a topographical quality, a secret terrain that invites closer inspection.

— Wendy Bachiu
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  • Wendy Bachiu Art
  • Wendy Bachiu Art
  • Wendy Bachiu Art
  • Wendy Bachiu Art
  • Wendy Bachiu Art
  • Wendy Bachiu Art
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