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Wanda Fitzgerald Art – Wanda Fitzgerald

927 3rd Ave W
Owen Sound, ON N4K 4P7
Contact: Wanda Fitzgerald
Email: wanda@wandafitzgeraldart.com
Website: http://wandafitzgeraldart.com

Accessibility: Yes
Payment Types: Credit Card, Debit, Cash, E-transfer

Artist Statement

Creating art is my spiritual release, a way to explore the elegant beauty of the darkness inside of me. Giving it colour, texture and light, I draw it out to touch others. I believe the unseen is as important as what appears on the canvas. In using a variety of textures and light catching elements I endeavour to create pieces that appeal to the tactile seances as well as the visual. I believe that art should be experienced by as many senses as possible.

As an artist with a visual impairment, always aware of impending darkness, I offer a unique perspective. With an affinity for vibrant colour and a delicate attention to the play of light and shadow, my paintings evoke a gentle yet passionate view of my surroundings and imagination.
Originality is key. Imagination and creativity are the breathe that sustains me. If I can stimulate the imagination and
inner eye of just one person, then my claim to the title “artist” is justified.

I am a film maker, theatre artist, photographer and visual artist. I studied art at Georgian College in Owen Sound Ontario, and have experience in design and artwork since
1984. I am also an advocate for disabled artists for over 30 years. I grew up in Wiarton, and after many years away, am glad to be home again. The beauty of my home has always inspired me.

— Wanda Fitzgerald
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  • Wanda Fitzgerald Art
  • Wanda Fitzgerald Art
  • Wanda Fitzgerald Art
  • Wanda Fitzgerald Art
  • Wanda Fitzgerald Art
  • Wanda Fitzgerald Art
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