Urban Easel

The Urban Easel has more successful than we ever could imagine! We received 54 entries from individual artists, 4 community entries, and 7 entries from special artists. Banners are now at the printers! We are planning an Urban Easel launch party for June. More details to come!

Here are the details we used to create banners:

Artwork will not be juried, but it must adhere to the City of Owen Sound guidelines for public display. Submitted images must be:

  • Titled: “LastName_Title”
  • High-resolution (a minimum of 4 MB)
  • Cropped, bright and well lit
  • Optimized to a 4:3 ratio

The banner image area is in portrait orientation with a print area of 24 inches long and 18 inches wide. Failure to meet these standards will result in the rejection of the submission.

This project aims to celebrate local talent and beautify the harbour area with diverse and vibrant artwork, creating a unique and engaging experience for residents and visitors alike. Join us in transforming the Owen Sound Harbour into an urban gallery this summer!

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