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Upwards Art Studio – Amelia Kraemer

975 2nd Ave E
Owen Sound, ON N4K 2H5
Contact: Amelia Kraemer
Email: upwardsartstudio@gmail.com
Website: http://upwardsartstudio.com

Accessibility: Yes
Payment Types: Credit Card, Debit, Cash, E-transfer, PayPal

Instagram: upwardsartstudio
Facebook: upwardsartstudio

Artist Statement

I am a mixed media, encaustic artist who uses the physicality of layers of wax, paint and ephemera to examine and exorcise my mental states. The surface of my work and the process of making it is where I find solace and healing, a mindful meditation. While the emotional landscape I travel through includes anxiety, depression, PTSD and bipolar disorder, I am drawn to creating beauty, encouraging myself and others to see the positive.

My experience with the generosity of learning and inspiration found through impactful teachers was the catalyst for hoping to provide that experience for others on their artistic path. I teach encaustic and mixed media courses at my studio, Upwards Art Studio, located in the River District of downtown Owen Sound.

I help to organize and participate in the Owen Sound Community Artist Studio Tour as well the Canadian Encaustic Conference. My work is available year round at my art supply store/studio, Upwards Art Studio, located in downtown Owen Sound. You can also see a selection of my work at Southampton Arts gallery.

— Amelia Kraemer
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