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The Fellowship of Ravens – Jana Lewis

Heritage Place Shopping Centre
1350 16th St E, Owen Sound ON N4K 6N7
Contact: Jana Lewis

Accessibility: Yes
Payment Types: Cash, E-transfer

Artist Statement

We strive to create awareness and change through artistry.
Nothing touches another person’s heart, mind, and soul as deeply as art.
Art helps express the story of human existence in all of its beauty, as well as the sad and painful parts.
My sister and I created The Fellowship of Ravens to make a positive impact in our community.
We’re driven to raise awareness for those battling PTSD, a silent struggle that affects many and to honour those that sacrificed their lives so that we can live in peace.
We also believe in shedding light on the invaluable contributions of loyal military and service animals. Among these remarkable souls, is our beloved Elvis. Elvis served as a K9 Explosives dog and his memory continues to inspire us every day.
“A Soldier’s Letter,” a captivating book of poems and photographs. This extraordinary piece of art has garnered praise from Veterans and their families, solidifying its place as a poignant tribute.
“A Soldier’s Letter acts as a powerful reminder of the price that is paid by those whom we have asked to march into Hell as the price of protecting our liberty and freedom. The scars they carry are not always visible but are always profound and life-altering. – Mark Ryan

— Jana Lewis
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  • The Fellowship of Ravens
  • The Fellowship of Ravens
  • The Fellowship of Ravens
  • The Fellowship of Ravens
  • The Fellowship of Ravens
  • The Fellowship of Ravens
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