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Sunset Studio – Janet Saunders
359002 Grey Rd 15
Owen Sound, ON N4K 5N3

Contact: Janet Saunders

Accessibility: No
Payment Types: Debit, Cash, E-transfer

Instagram: Janetsyoga

Artist Statement

My subject is alway Nature. I am inspired by the light and energy of our forests, lakes and rivers. I capture what I see in the world on canvas.

I began drawing and painting as a child when our family spent summers camping throughout Ontario. My Aunt Mary, a Landscape Artist encouraged the spark she saw in me. Mary gifted me with art supplies and my first lessons in oil painting. My art education continued with the Toronto School of Art and Sheridan College. I continue to evolve as an artist with adult classes and workshops. I am currently a member of the Studio XX artists group.

Having explored many mediums I now work in acrylics. The vibrant colours of acrylic paint allow me to capture the beauty and energy of our natural world. Painting is my meditation. I feel a deep connection to the world around me while contemplating the unique beauty of each tree. There is contentment and peace in nature. I am inspired while walking in a forest, watching a sunset, or seeing flowers burst into bloom. I paint what I see, beauty all around.

— Janet Saunders
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