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Made By Mann – Maggie Mann
1-554 2nd Ave E
Owen Sound, ON N4K 2G6

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Artist Statement

Multiple Media Artisan

To be drawn to many different mediums of expression as an artisan is a curse and a gift. A central theme of all of them is natural, drawn from nature, be is fibers: wool, linen, cotton, silk, or pebbles and driftwood worn smooth by lakes and oceans, or leather. And this is not an exhaustive list. A gift, who can resist the beauty of rare breed sheep wool or a perfectly smooth flat stone and the ideas that they generate. A curse, because, well, what to do first, and how do they all intersect. That is my personal challenge.

All of my career choices included using my hands to create, from being a tailor to massage therapist. My hands would rather create than write. Beginning in earliest childhood I was around creativity, traditional crafts such as knitting, embroidery, sewing, rug hooking, but also more adventurous endeavours, you never knew what new craft my Mum had spread on the dining room table when arriving home from school and I was always ready to dive in.

I am embarking on my post Massage Therapy career as a Multiple Media Artisan. Every day is a step forward in my path. It could be jewellery, wet felting, needle felting, or free style quilting, or a combination of several. Where would I like to go today?

— Maggie Mann
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