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Herbert Pryke – Herbert Pryke

The Rumpus Room
235 9th St E, Owen Sound ON N4K 1N8
Contact: Herbert Pryke
Email: herbertpryke53@gmail.com
Website: http://herbertpryke.com

Accessibility: No
Payment Types: Cash, E-transfer

Instagram: artistherbertpryke/
Facebook: herbert.pryke/

Artist Statement

Herbert Pryke, a visionary in the realm of abstract art, invites you on a journey through his expansive artscapes. His large-scale canvases, brimming with vibrant colors and dynamic forms, are more than just artworks – they are experiences. These masterpieces, suitable for adorning a storefront or illuminating a spacious foyer, transcend the boundaries of traditional art. Pryke’s work is not merely meant to be seen; it is meant to be felt, to resonate within the viewer and evoke a sense of wonder.
Step into the world of Herbert Pryke and let his illuminations guide you through an exploration of emotion, perception, and the sheer joy of color and form.

— Herbert Pryke
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