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Heidi Berger Art – Heidi Berger

695 23rd St W
Owen Sound, ON N4K 4H2
Contact: Heidi Berger
Email: heidimberger@gmail.com
Website: http://heidiberger.com

Accessibility: Yes
Payment Types: E-transfer, PayPal

Instagram: heidimbergerart
Facebook: heidibergerart2

Artist Statement

What inspires me is to see and capture beauty where I find it, and Barbados—the people, the flowers— has inspired me these last 25 years that we have spent the winters there.
But I am particularly drawn to painting women everywhere. We have similar needs and wants—not just for food, shelter and love—but also for a “room of our own”, to contemplate, to dream, to be transported out of our everyday reality. It is in this space that I paint my sisters everywhere who have inspired me with their creativity, resilience, and strength.

— Heidi Berger
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  • Heidi Berger Art
  • Heidi Berger Art
  • Heidi Berger Art
  • Heidi Berger Art
  • Heidi Berger Art
  • Heidi Berger Art
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