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Big Picture Art Studio – Caroline Tremblay
199 3rd Ave E
Owen Sound, ON N4K 6J3

Contact: Caroline Tremblay

Accessibility: Yes
Payment Types: Cash

Instagram: ctremblayartist

Artist Statement

My creative space is the Big Picture Art Studio and yet, the underlying ideas or thoughts in my work is not necessarily big and bold, but subtle – designed for pondering perhaps even an “aha or haha” moment. That being said, my acrylic paintings are not elusive, my style is representational and highly realistic. I refer to myself as a self-directed artist rather than self-taught. We all rely on someone else’s experience to develop and learn – it’s not something we do in a vacuum. Over the past few years I have been developing a style based on classical old world glazing methods to heighten the translucence, mood and aesthetic of my art. I love renaissance art. It inspires me to ask “how did they do that and how can I do that?” As a life long learner, I challenge myself to grow and develop my technique, style and skill. Each piece large or small, takes time, and is a commitment. While I prefer to create art that helps me to express my own ideas, observations or perspectives, commissions provide an opportunity to connect and meet the needs of others. For simplicity, I like to categorize my art as People, Pets and Places. Of course, there is always overlap and that one piece that just doesn’t fit anywhere. So, for me, art is a composite of smaller ideas and stories that translate into the bigger picture of our experiences and imagination. That’s the reason for the Big Picture Art Studio.

— Caroline Tremblay
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  • Big Picture Art Studio
  • Big Picture Art Studio
  • Big Picture Art Studio
  • Big Picture Art Studio
  • Big Picture Art Studio
  • Big Picture Art Studio
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