Artist Studio Tour

Frequently Asked Questions for Participating Artists and Visitors


Where is the Tour?
The tour will be held in the city of Owen Sound and the immediate surrounding area. If your studio is within a 10-15 min drive from the city limits please send us an email with your studio address to confirm it can be included.

When is the Tour?
The tour will take place over third weekend in September from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on the following dates: September 21-22, 2024.

How do I apply to be a participating artist?
The 2024 application process is now closed. There is a $125.00 registration fee per artist. The fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Registration closed February 15, 2024.

Both my partner and I are artists, do we each pay the registration fee?
Yes, each artist has a $125.00 fee as part of the registration. Students 21 years of age and younger pay a $50.00 fee.

What if I need to cancel?
Your registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you need to cancel, please contact the tour organizers by email at as soon as possible to ensure the public will not arrive at your doorstep. 

What is a GUEST artist?
Anyone who doesn’t have a studio in one of the four distinct neighbourhoods: Core, Brooke, Bayshore, and Crosstown located within the city of Owen Sound.

What if I want to partner with another artist?
Artists can collaborate with another artist within their neighbourhood or in a different neighbourhood. Please specify on your application the studio where you will be presenting your work. 

What does my registration fee cover?
The registration fee covers the advertising and marketing material associated with promoting the Tour. 

What is a STUDIO?
We firmly believe that where you create IS a studio and need not be limited to concepts of a traditional or “real” one. 

Does my studio need to have wheelchair or stroller access?
No, it does not. We will work to include everyone in the tour and note those studios that are wheelchair and stroller accessible.

What if I do not want people walking through my home studio?
It is the artist’s decision to decide where and how they wish to display their works of art on their property during the Tour. You may wish to use an alternative space – such as your garage – to display your work if you do not wish to have people entering your home. It is your choice to provide bathroom facilities to patrons. 

How can I contact the Tour organizers?
The Tour is being coordinated by Amelia Kraemer and Caroline Tremblay. Amelia is an established encaustic artist and the owner of the Upwards Art Studio in Owen Sound. Caroline is an emerging artist from Owen Sound with an interest in promoting local artists and their work in our community. You can email the tour organizers at You can also contact Amelia at 519-379-7378.

What are some tips for a successful tour?

  • Provide good quality pictures of your work as part of your application for us to put on our print and digital advertising material
  • Promote your participation in the Tour on your website and/or social media, if you use these tools
  • Create an engaging display of your work specifying which pieces are for sale 
  • If you are selling your work specify on your application the types of payment available (cash, credit, e-transfer, Paypal, etc)
  • For your visitors, make available sketches, renderings, or notes for pieces not yet realized
  • Have your business/artist cards and personal brochures or information sheets about your art readily available for visitors to take with them
  • Plan for some questions to ask your visitors, be polite and make sure your visitor feel appreciated
  • Set boundaries and expectations of visitors to your studio
  • Outline how visitors will move through your studio and how it is organized 
  • If you don’t want to have people in your home provide photos of your creative space with you engaged in your art
  • Provide visitors examples of your process and how you work
  • When receiving visitors ensure unobstructed access to your work
  • If you have pets, you may wish to consider securing them away from visitors
  • It is your choice to provide bathroom facilities to visitors. If you choose not to, provide options of nearby facilities

By participating in the Owen Sound Community Artist Studio Tour, you are accepting the accountability and responsibility for your property, personal safety, and those of your guests. It is strongly advised that you are appropriately insured to accommodate visitors to your studio and property. The Owen Sound Community Artist Studio Tour and its organizers are not responsible for injury or damage to people, property, material, or art during the Tour. 


When is the Tour? 
The Tour will take place over third weekend in September 2024 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on the following dates: September 21-22, 2024.

Where is the Tour? 
The Tour will be held in the city of Owen Sound and will feature artists from different neighbourhoods.

What is an artist open studio tour?
A studio tour is a place where someone makes art, – it can be a room, garage, shed/workshop, barn or other type of space – clean or messy, funky or classic. Some artists will be creating art when you visit and others combine studio spaces to share their artwork with the public. This is an opportunity to experience a variety of art from painting to jewellery, from woodwork to pottery. There is no costs to attend the tour and no tickets are required. It is not necessary to make an appointment. Participating studios are open from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM. 

How does a self-guided tour work?
It’s simple, get a free map from our website and plan your route, visit the artist studios and enjoy these unique creative spaces. You can download a copy of the map from the website. Maps include artist brief, addresses, and accessibility. Maps will be available after July 1, 2024. 

How should I plan my tour?
The names and addresses of studios are available on our website after June 1, 2023 as well as on the map available on our website for download. You can also pick up a tour guide at Upwards Art Studio in Owen Sound or other businesses in Grey, Bruce & Simcoe Counties. 

If you are considering purchasing artworks, our website includes the artists’ preferred payment method in their profile.

We encourage visitors to participate in each of the neighbourhood tours provided. Plan your route to ensure you will have time to visit all of the artists you would like to visit. The Tour is organized based on city bus routes so public transportation may be an option. Please review the city bus schedule for availability and stops.

Each studio will have a Studio Tour sign on display outside of their studio.

Participating artists have paid for the opportunity to share their art with you. You will find interesting and unique works of art in the studios. Many artists will have original artwork available for purchase during the event – if you see something you like be sure to ask. This may also be an opportunity to commission a work as a holiday gift or for your own enjoyment. 

Owen Sound Community Artist Studio Tour Map

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