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Aggie McCormack Art – Aggie McCormack

Heritage Place
1350 16th St E
Owen Sound, ON N4K 6N7
Contact: Aggie McCormack

Accessibility: No
Payment Types: Cash, E-transfer

Artist Statement

I’m a painter and a graduate of the University of Guelph with an honors BA in Studio Art (Hon.) 2020. In recent years I’ve had a solo show in Guelph at Silence Gallery, and two solo shows at the Southampton Art Gallery. My paintings are a journey. I work through many thin layers of paint that reveal sometimes, images, or shapes that appear on the surface or colors that create depth. For the viewer, I hope to create an image that tugs at the memory of a time or place that existed possibly in reality or a dream. I do a lot of scraping off and adding on of paint. I use charcoal, ink, torn paper, fabric, seeds, etc. to bring the image to a state of existence. It’s an elaborate, winding process that ties the present and the past to the future. My paintings are a little like Graffiti in their freedom but classic in their esthetic and layout. I hope viewers are intrigued and challenged and ultimately find my work to be an enjoyable experience.

— Aggie McCormack
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  • Aggie McCormack Art
  • Aggie McCormack Art
  • Aggie McCormack Art
  • Aggie McCormack Art
  • Aggie McCormack Art
  • Aggie McCormack Art
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